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    Comments: I am an equestrian and a runner and overall extremely active. I sustained an injury to my leg (fractured tibia) while caring for one of my horses., I was referred to Dr. Kadakia, and he recommended surgery to insert 3 screws in my tibia to prevent a chunk of it from separating from the main bone. I was reluctant to go along with the procedure because of the extended downtime I would experience. But I agreed when shown the MRI images and the consequences should I do nothing. The survey was a snap… maybe 30 minutes, no pain, no cast, no incisions. The recovery went just as he described.. just use crutches as much as possible and within 3 months I would be given clearance to return to all of my normal activities. I tried to be a good patient. I did not run, but I did start some easy riding maybe 6 weeks in, putting no weight on the injured leg. It has been 3 months now, and I am back to normal activity, and really can’t believe the limited inconvenience the injury caused. And how completely normal I feel at age 66! I strongly recommend anyone with an injury to give this accomplished doctor consideration. Everything turned out as planned, and I would never again second guess his recommendations and experience in the field.

Irvine 22 Odyssey, Suite 205
Irvine, CA 92618

Los Alamitos 3851 Katella Ave, Suite 150
Los Alamitos, CA 90720